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2nd attempt at Wreck It Ralph 2 with Camden

1st Attempt

Getting Real Comfy

It started with Disney’s Frozen, then Moana, then Wreck it Ralph. 
We’ve been watching Wreck It Ralph on a daily basis for a month now. A few weeks ago I bought 3 tickets for my wife Kim, my son Camden and me. I pre-ordered the tickets thru Fandango, rushed home, fed Camden dinner and it was just him and me watching it.

My wife had to work late but so decide to get her an extra seat anyway in case she’s done with dinner and movie’s still playing. I literally tracked her location using the “Find My iPhone” feature. I texted her right as I started seeing her head home. She was able to join us mid way thru the movie. Awesome planning of me, RIGHT? (In a creepy stalking manner)

I brought one of his favorite stuff toy Sonic. (His favorite is still Kirby), a blanket, popcorn (which for some reason he refused to eat anymore).

Before the movie

He really enjoyed most of the movie but in the end we didn’t finish the movie. I ended up storming out of the theater with him screaming because he got bored and wanted to climb around.

2nd Attempt

He loves trailers

We tried to do it again tonight. I Fandango the tickets. $5 each! What a deal! This time we snuck in a bag of shrimp chips and bag of chex (for us) and still managed to spend $16 extra on theater junk food & drinks.

He was pretty much the same, sat in his seat and every now and then crawled over to mommy to hold. He seemed very bored – just like how he usually is with new movies I introduce.

Difference is in a car ride, I usually engage him with bits and clips of the movie, the exciting part so he remembers it enough to stitch them all together in his head and can anticipate the good scenes throughout the movie.

He managed to get pretty far till the same part near the ending and I had to take him out. As I carried him towards the exit door, he escalated his cry – in which I had to cover his mouth until we fully exited. He had a bit of a meltdown.

My wife came out a few minutes later and told us that we should probably leave again. (Which was okay because I anticipated for disappointment). But the fact was he actually wanted to not leave mom’s side, hence the escalation of the cry. I just wouldn’t let him go back in until he quiet down.

With mom’s presence, she was able to quiet him down by just being there and walked him back in. Overall, he was just like any other 2yr-3yr kid with short attention span and just wanted to move around in a stationary setting.

Yay! We made it thru! Lots of little tricks learned along the way. For example, reserving the closest seat to the exit and bring shrimp chips.

Playing Switch before the movies

And I’m sure there’s always the Nintendo Switch as a last resort.


Movie was very good by the way. I cried at the end. Disney really nailed it and added a lot of humor in it. Highly recommend you to watch.

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