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Hunting down a Nuna

Kim’s been wanting a double stroller for a few weeks now. She wants one of those cheap ones that sits side by side. Something like this:

BabyJogger – City Mini GT $579

Ever since 2 days ago we went to Nordstrom and saw a Nuna double stroller. I’ve been obsessing over it.

It’s call the Nuna Demi Grow (Sounds like Demi-god from Moana).
Comes in Aspen, Caviar and Frost color. We really like the Aspen, but we most likely going to get the Caviar because it’s more practical.

Plus we don’t want to draw unnecessary attention at theme parks for thieves to steal it – sadly, we can’t have nice things without constant worries; black will just blend in with the rest.

I will try to identify the coolest features of why I want to get this stroller:

  1. Both seats can hold up to 50lbs each (unlike Uppababy front seat is 35lb)
  2. The Nuna dream drape is so generous! (We love it on all our other products)
  3. The shocks can be adjusted
  4. It push just like a single stroller even though it fits 2 (tandum)
  5. Camden really love the bottom seat, it’s like his safe haven

Our first stroller which we still have is actually a double stroller. We have the Uppababy Vista:

Uppababy Vista $899

Over time we just abandoned it and never used it. We gave it a try because everyone seems to praise it. Until I discovered Nuna after this stroller. Nuna is a Dutch design brand, unlike Uppababy which I believe is from United States. Ever since we bought a Nuna Pipa car seat and their Tavo Travel system among other things, we just fell in love with the quality and their meticulous designs.

Since we got the Nuna Pipa, we bought another Pipa between 2 cars. Then we got 3x Rava Car seats and a Pack and Play. We love every Nuna product and got lots of usage.

We just find the Uppababy quality to not be on par. The seat beat design, their fabric and design is just dated.

After checking all the Nordstrom, Bloomingdales all over the bay area, sadly, there’s none in stock and we need to order it online.

For now we’ll just continue to use our BabyZen Yoyo strollers while we wait for it to ship to our house.

If you like to travel, we highly recommend looking into Babyzen’s Yoyo. It’s a bit pricey, but worth every dollar as it can be stowed above Airline top compartment storage.

We love it, it’s so compact! We have a Red and a Air France Edition and have brought it to Hawaii multiple times already.

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