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A day out with the Minivan in the Mountains

Early morning killing time before breakfast

Today we decided to drive up the Calaveras Blvd. hills and thru Alvarado Niles because we didn’t really have anything planned after our early breakfast at Cousin’s Cafe (our usual weekend spot).

This was her cute face before the mean one

The roads were somewhat windy but I took it slow and got to enjoy the scenery of the reservoir.

After the drive we stopped by Fremont target, grabbed some Starbucks and headed out for another drive.

We saw a Mercedes Sprinter and got me really excited. Kim napped most of the ride in our minivan (along with the kids). I think she’s sold on the Camper van idea. Camden as usual was playing his Nintendo Switch.

I really enjoy long drives with my wife sitting in front. It really allow us to talk openly, talk about our dreams, future vacations, etc. It’s a nice break away from logistic talks of our kids’ daily needs.

By the time we were done we decided to go for a longer drive. So I decided to go up to Lick’s Observatory in Mt. Hamilton.

Camden living his best life

The place isn’t too far but the twisters are a bit rough up the mountains. Chriselle was starting to get annoyed. It was an hour of non stop braking & turning and up the mountains – watching out for bicyclists and oncoming traffic.

Here’s the beautiful view. Well worth it. Super frigid.

Camden got to run around as his Nintendo Switch battery life was down to 1%

After that we stopped by home and went out to San Jose San Pedro Sq for dinner.

Bone Marrow – very filling & rich. yummy
Cow Boy Steak – Prime Rib – really good
Oxtail Linguini – pasta was not that good barely touch it
Camden passed out

Fun weekend! Can’t wait till the next one.

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