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We got the Nuna Demi Grow

The Demi grow’s been out of stock everywhere and we haven’t had the chance to place an order online. Kim knew I was super anxious to get it so Kim got super lucky and found it for us.

She literally had to go to 2 different Nordstrom to make this happen. She picked up the Stroller and the 2nd attachment seat at San Francisco Palo Alto Nordstrom. That’s so much driving for a silly stroller! Look at how much trouble she had to go thru in her little car.

We got the Nuna Demi Grow…holy crap, it’s sooo huge! This double stroller is heavy too!!!

It ate up our entire trunk of the Minivan.

I’m super excited to use it!

By the way, Graco made a knock-off version of this stroller recently after this stroller was released early 2018. It’s still priced ridiculous high at $400+ and I’m not sure it comes with the 2nd seat either. I suppose dual strollers aren’t cheap no matter the brand.

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