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Camden’s last day of ABA at CARD

Camden’s last day of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) at CARD (Center of Autism And Related Disorder) was today. He’s turning 3yrs old tomorrow (1/20).

They threw him a party and gave him a cake, a pair of shoes, and other stuff.

Our Favorite Tech Christina

It’s a bit of an emotional day because we are really going to miss Christina (one of the right).

We just learned that Camden’s 1st at CARD was her first. Every time we pick up Camden, he always smelled like her perfume.

It’s as if all day long she just holds him and kiss upon him. HAHA

Our Frustration with CARD

It’s kind of bittersweet honestly because our experience with ABA Therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis) there hasn’t been so good.

But when you don’t have better as an alternative, I suppose we can’t really complain.

We had a streak of really incompetent and lazy technicians. To top it off, we had a series of our team folks on Camden’s case resigning and leaving.

Then there’s so many last minute notices of techs not showing up and lacked coverage – it literally screwed up our worked days.

We later learned that there’s just not enough talent and money in this industry so they just hire a bunch of young kids going to school. (Who knows if they actually have a lot of money but isn’t using it properly)

Technician Training Requirement

The only requirement is just 40hrs of on-site training and off they go.

This whole industry is filled with unqualified young technicians.

I know this may all sound so negative but it was a good eye opener for us as Autistic parents that this whole care system is broken. It trained us well from the very start to be aware of these things and set some really really low expectations of their promises.

It is so hard for us to have any faith in any of this sometimes.

Relying on Online Community

If you’re an autistic parent, you’ll most likely hear a lot from friends or people in the medical group telling you to try joining a community.

Not to offend these nice intention folks, but our experience with these people that throws out this recommendation have NO IDEA what they’re suggesting. I’m serious on this one.

I have a friend who insists that I should join a community because he happens to have a friend that has an autistic kid, but he doesn’t have any first hand experience himself of having an autistic kid himself. Same goes with the medical nurse/helper suggesting these community.

Being a part of a community is usually the #1 typical default recommendation. (Push your concern and problem to someone else who might have the answer).

I joined a lot of Facebook groups initially, but it wasn’t long before I discover the outlet for everyone is just too overwhelming and unfollowed most of them.

Most autism parents honestly are overwhelmed with their own specific problems to help anyone out.

If you’re looking for help, wouldn’t the last place you want to go is a place filled with people that’ll drag you down even more?

My Pride Probably Has to do with Not wanting help…

I’m a person that dislike relying on people. Like I really Hate relying on people. Plus I get easily irritated if I end up spending more effort asking someone else to help than to do it myself.

I worked my entire life even before legal age at 14 and haven’t stop working since (even through college). If I found myself in a hole, I will figure out a way to dig myself out not relying on others.

During college, I was so far in credit card debt, I owe $25k+ on 17-20% interest rate credit card, the monthly payment I was making was barely making a dent on interest and fees.

Even when I was in such a mess, I was too prideful to rely on others. I suppose it was also because of embarrassment as well.

Back to topic

Alright enough ranting, I totally went off tangent with this post. Because I have not written much as to how Camden progressed. As much as CARD would like to take credit for a lot of his achievements, I would say most of it had to do with our in home Early Intervention therapist and a Stanford study which we enrolled him in.

Either way, Camden has out grew CARD and we’ve been spending months looking into a private Pre-school for him. It’s going to be bank and to top it off, it’s in Los Altos. (Super FAR!) He will start next Tuesday 1/22.

I’ll post pictures when I get the chance.

Good night!



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