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Setting locations for Lift

After the Lift Pump installed onto the wall, I’m now taking measurements of where to put the post. I just need to drill anchor holes into the concrete.

Need to make sure I leave sufficient space behind and in front of the car for clearance of doors and for me to work on the car.

I’m so happy the TV is also installed. Watching Iron Man movies 1-3 really inspire me to have a Man Cave to work on stuff.

The next big challenge is how do I make a ramp to provide clearance for these legs to go under my car? Should I make some out of concrete and maybe put some registration holes for me to drop them in place and also have it to drive up over the corner balance scales? That would be a neat idea.

I wonder if I could make it so it doesn’t get in the way when I roll my chair around the floor once the car is lifted off the ground.



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