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Zen Place

This place is my current Zen place to blog. I went to bed around 1:30 am and woke up super early at 6:30 am with about 5 hrs of sleep. I’ve been trying to discipline myself to sleep 8 hrs as I now have to get up more super early for Camden’s school.

Anyway, lately I’ve been more and more passionate about getting myself to write.

A Close Friend

There’s this really really close friend of mine that reads my personal blogs and reach back out to me and give me feedback. I really appreciate this person’s friendship because long ago when we first met, we would write lengthy honest emails back to back and we promised each other we’d always be friends and not drift apart.

We went about a good amount of years doing separate things and it wasn’t soon later we found ourselves reconnected again because of our daughters. They’re about 2 weeks apart in age.

It’s so comfortable talking to my friend because it was just like how it was before. I would be able to share my deepest issues and my friend would listen to it all and give me the honest feedback and suggestion. Sometimes even with a story back for me.

I studied Engineering and my friend studied Psychology. It’s a pretty interesting combo.

I’m really fortunate to have this friend. My friend genuinely accepts the real me and genuinely wants to help me overcome my challenges. I hope someday my friend can open up as much as I do and can lean on me as much or moral support or life advice.

Bloggin Topics

It’s a bit messy but here it is…I do a lot of blogging on my smart phone as well. I know my topics currently are still all over the place. I find myself blogging a ton of not-so interesting stuff. I also found myself blogging a ton of very personal stuff. I also found myself resisting in blogging about things I should blog about for my mental health but I drag my feet in doing so.

I just know I am currently liking this idea of blogging. I don’t have a lot of social pressure from anyone. But it does take a lot of time away from family. So I hope someday I need to pin point what I want to spend my time writing the most; especially if I have to reduce my time down to only half an hour a day.

I know I will lose the luxury to blog about random cool gadgets I discover and show off.

Speaking of which, both my kids just woke up, so I’m doing the rest with Chriselle on my lap with 1 hand. Which means I don’t have anytime left. Signing out.

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