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Lift Position Determined

Man it’s taken so long but I think I finally made some progress.

Over the course of the last several weeks I’ve been struggling in figuring out where to position the lift posts in order to fit the need of all 3 of our cars.

We have my sports car Nissan 370 Z

and then we also have our Lexus IS350 F-Sport

and then we have our minivan Toyota Sienna – all having different lift points.

This part takes a while because each car have different weight distribution from front to rear.

Fortunately all the engines for these cars are in the front. (Front Heavy) however all the cars have different lengths which made it super challenging.

I have found two positions that seem to work as you can see below:

I’m pretty satisfied my results I’m going to call it a day and I’ll start drilling tomorrow and install the epoxy anchors probably over the next few days.

I got to look for the anchors and the concrete drill bits. I’m super nervous.


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