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Repaired the Toilet Filling Mechanism

Our downstairs toilet started running water nonstop.

Last time this happened for upstairs master bathroom, we didn’t know and we wasted $4000+ of water bill.

We also didn’t know you can just replace the mechanism so we replaced the entire bathroom toilet.

Granted it was not too expensive I think a very high-end one was about $300.

But this time I decided to look on Amazon and found a replacement kit for $39 and it was highly rated on the reviews.

The job only took about 20 minutes super happy with the result.

This kit is pretty cool, it comes with the stopper mechanism as well but since it was working fine I didn’t bother replacing it.

I believe this design is pretty much the same (as the one replaced) which is a bit worrisome.

But the old one (in blue) screwed up multiple times even after cleaning out the mechanism (gasket, etc) just to get it working again – and it would fail again not long after.

Fingers crossed I hope this one will last longer.



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