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More backsplash

I got some new blades..spent $60 at Home Depot. The new diamond blade does cut the tile better. As for the sanding disc, those hopefully will work when I sand the filled stress joint.

I made such a mess post concrete grinding, I stopped caring.

I kept dropping and smearing mortar over the floors and walls – can’t even let it bother me anymore otherwise I’ll just slow myself down even more.

Anyway, here’s the progress.

I think I ended at a pretty good spot. Those electrical outlets will be challenging to cut.

Next I need to figure out is the edge trim. I see some people put a small little metallic edge. I bought bullnose for it, but I don’t think I’ll use it as it’s not glossy.

I was told you can change a non glossy bully nose to make it shine like the glossy version tile I have. (The tile I got has 2 choices, flat or glossy, but the bullnose only sold in flat)

Anyway, yay! Managed to push myself to get a little further along even though I’m still under the weather. Being out in the cold for 1hr+ washing up the tools not fun. Hopefully I can take a break for a day and get back to wrapping up tiling for good.



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