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Epoxy Priming The Garage Floor

After spending weeks of prepping the garage floor, I’m finally moving on to epoxying the floor.

I have previously coated epoxy floors twice in my last garage. 1st time I didn’t know I could pick another color and the 2nd time I just coated over the 1st coat with little to no epoxy preparation.

Lesson learned:

I previously just power washed and did the acid etching.

This time:

I used Diamabrush and a floor conditioning machine from Home Depot. After that I used a hand held grinder with a 4″ diamond grinding wheel attachment.

Furthermore, I am buying the epoxy from a reputable brand – which I hope should bond better to the concrete. Additionally, it’s thicker.

I might even have went overkill with the additional Primer Coat, Clear Coat and a Polyurethane Coat. ($800+ worth of just floor coating material)

I hope this time around, the epoxy will stick and have a decent result to not peel! I can care less about the aesthetic as long as it’s functional and long lasting.

I really had to work fast. The mixing was 3 solid minutes. The product claim the epoxy will harden once mixed with the 2 part. I was supposed to pour unicorn lines down the garage and use a squeegee to push around the epoxy to cover the floor.

I poured way too much in the front half of the garage and had to work really really quickly to push the excess epoxy to the other end of the garage.

I was literally 30 mins in and only got 75% of the garage covered. Fortunately, cooler temperatures was to my advantage. Next time I really should invite a friend over to help and speed things up.

I really didn’t have much time before the epoxy started curing to paint the sides of the floors (i.e. trimming the wall edges and corners).

Good thing was the spiked shoes worked really well.

The ones that came with the Epoxy kit sucked (in green), I ended up using the ones from Amazon.

The fumes got all the way in the entire house for some reason, even behind closed doors. My wife was a bit upset. We had to let the windows stay open the entire night to get that ugly smell out.

Anyway, here are some pics.


I got excited this morning and started walking on the epoxy floor after pressing my fingers in a small section to see it was hardened. Turns out it wasn’t all the way cured as I saw foot prints later.

Luckily it was just the primer, this was a really really needed process for me to get the hang of it and know what to improve next.

I need a longer squeegee stick so my back isn’t bending forward the whole time – that got really painful quick

I need to prepare a bigger covered outside area for me to walk over to do misc stuff, like clean up, throw dirty brushes to and be able to return quickly to the working area.

It really helps to fill in all the cracks, at some point I just stopped caring and did t fill it up and it showed up even after the epoxy primer coat.

Also helps to take the time to not rush the sanding process. I don’t think I care enough this time around to smooth it out. Particularly the saw cut filled areas I filled with a backer rod and then caulked it with some of that flexible stuff that’s hard to sand.

I think using a smaller backer rod wouldn’t have raised pass the surface level.

I filled it again but I didn’t bother sanding it as these stuff are relatively self leveling (so they claim) but if you want a seamless transition from bare concrete then you will for sure need to sand.

Can’t wait to do the actual epoxy coat tonight.


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