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Final Garage Floor Coat – Polyurethane

According to the rep of this product, this last coat is flammable and it’s VOC. He warned me about keeping things that could create electrical sparks out of the way.

I decided to take on this job during my Friday lunch. Since I pretty much have the process down to 30 mins.

Rushed home, mixed the 2 part material and started coating.

With daylight hitting the floor, exposing the lack of evenness of the clear coat, I tried to do a much better job this time.

I got the squeegee step out of the way in 10 mins, and spent the rest of the 20 mins rolling out the polyurethane. Overall, no complaints aside from the toxic smell.

I left a garage door crack and running my exhaust fan. Hopefully by the time I get home the smell would be gone.

Happy Friday, I’m excited to start this weekend with this flooring project out of the way! I get to park the car back in along with all my junk spread throughout the house.

The thing I’m most looking forward to is to spend some really good quality with my family.


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