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Going down memory lane

After we visited the Fairfield, we decided to keep on driving up towards Davis – where Kim and I went to school for our Mechanical Engineering Degree.

I can’t believe the last time we were here was at least 3 years ago. We didn’t have kids, just 4 dogs and we brought our Tandem bicycle up here in our Prius to ride around campus.

This time around we had a minivan and 2 kids with a dual baby stroller. How time flies!

A lot has changed since. Kim’s last year here was 2005, mine was 2006. We still recall they kept the town all mom and pop shops. But all the major brand name chain stores eventually took over Davis.

Nevertheless, it’s a very beautiful peaceful town. But man how I recall hating the pollen during allergy season. It got to me!

Here’s our Engineering building – Bainer Hall.

EME 50 was the first class I had at UC Davis and met Kim. (She claims that never happened as she has no recollection of it haha)

This brings back memories…

As we walked our way back to our car, we passed by the scenic path.

We ended our trip by going to Sweethoney Dessert in downtown Davis. (This would have been our OTH – Old Tea House if it existed 15 years ago).

Our little Chriselle really loves dessert now. She got so upset we weren’t feeing her quick enough.

Afterwards, Kim went to pick up some fish tacos/burrito from Dos Coyotes as I picked up a bed for our Sammy. He’s been having pancreatitis attack this whole week.

What an eventful weekend.


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