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Got my wife to Test Drive an Airstream

We’ve been looking at Class B RV Motorhomes for a while now.

Last weekend we drove up to Fairfield’s Airstream to check out their trailers for fun and sure enough they also upfit the Mercedes Sprinters, which is exactly what I’ve been wanting.

They call their upfitted vans an Airstream Interstate. They offer it in the 19′ (built on the 144mm wheelbase)

and a 24′ on their Extended one (built on the 170mm wheelbase)

We brought my dad along for the fun.

Initially we came into test drive the 19′ shorter one as that size can literally be parked anywhere.

Unfortunately it was sold right as we walked in (so no test drive)

It’s so nice on the outside but I feel the inside will get so crammed quick and we’d want a bigger size. Dilemma.

Legally, I think it only has lap belt for just 2 in the back so that kind of would work for us with Grandpa. But I’m sure I can retrofit one back in.

However, look at that cabinet that overhangs in top of the side bench seat. It’s really only useful for footrest once converted to a bed.

We moved on to the 24′ one and man it’s so much more suitable internally.

I like the fact it has 2 more captain seats which enables the front driver and passenger seats to swivel backwards with a table that can be set up for a dining area.

The 19′ has literally a bathroom stall backed all the way up against the driver seat which makes this impossible.

It also don’t have cabinets over the side bench seats.

This version just seems way more suitable with more moving room and can seat up to 9 people comfortably.

Off we go with a test drive.

I tried sitting in the far back. I can barely see my wife behind the driver seat haha.

Here’s a video of our test drive:

There was definitely a ton of rattle like a public transit bus.

Overall a fun experience and wish we can have one someday soon.

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