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Started moving stuff back in the Garage.

I had the chance to move out the stuff out of the dining area back into the garage.

My goal was to focus on getting the heavy lifting stuff out tonight.

First thing I did was remove the screws protruding the floor (to prevent epoxy coat flowing into the anchors), so i can move the car sideways.

I will need to sand out the flakes. But DUDE!!! Check out how thick the Epoxy Coating is!!!

It’s about .16″thick (around 4mm). Geez, it would take me awhile to get thru it to bare concrete. I hope it will hold up because I totally went overkill.

I guess if anyone gives me a hard time about how much I paid for epoxy, we can do a thickness comparison.

I pushed the cabinets as close as I could to garage door entrance from the house

Transferring the chemical bottles and spray cans out and then back into the cabinets.

Breaking down all the tool chests into the garage

This 42″ top box was super heavy and super difficult to carry by myself. The span of my arms cannot reach around it.

Dissembled cabinets and take out the drawers and put them back together once i can lift the cart over the doorway (without it tilting or flipping over)

Then I started pushing the tool chests into place. I tried to park the car as side ways as possible to help with this move.

Then onto the Giant bench top table, this was really difficult to do by myself so I used one of the rolling stool to aid the process.

Navigating around this mess was not easy.

Excuse my messy house.

Navigating this bench top around our kitchen island was tricky

Yay, got it thru the doorway

Yay, the table is in place

Here’s the overall result:

Tonight I will plan to get back at it. I can’t wait to install the sink.

Yesterday I removed all the blue tape around the trim:

tried to apply this stain blocker for the grout and it made a mess.

It turned everything white in color. And it was a pain to remove the excess running down to the tiles.

I used a sponge to scrub it off, but I think I’m just going to leave the grout as is and not seal it. I don’t recall last time I did this being so difficult.

Worst case, I’ll just re-grout:

This is from today (next day). I still need to go back and doing another wet scrubbing. I guess I’ll do that tomorrow.

Then I’ll mount the Air conditioner, put weatherproof covers on the electrical receptacles and then I’ll do paint touch up, then I’ll put the sink back. =)


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