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Fixing the Mixing Valve of Master Shower

Our hot water source of the Master Bedroom shower has been cutting out mid way like 5 – 10 mins in.

It would go completely cold for like 20-30 mins and sometimes the hot water may never return.

Our house was built in 2014 so it’s a relatively new house. Still, I never seem to keep finding these home ownership type of problems.

One thing I find thru experience is different things break so I’m constantly finding myself having to jump into learning new things.

My wife was going to call the plumber because of how busy I was. I told her “NO” as I’m such a DIY guy. At the same time, I honestly didn’t know how to fix it.

I usually learn how things work AFTER I take the components apart. So here I go. Took it apart. Took a look at my Plumbers book:

Sure enough the one I had didn’t have a built in shut off valve.

After researching a bit, I figured it was something to do with the seal’s gone bad.

So I bought both of these. Hoping I could just replace the $4 part instead of $40. Either way I’m sure it’s still better than calling a plumber.

Went home and took it apart to see if it was a ripped seal.

The seal looks good. I figured what the heck, let’s just change it out anyway.

Here’s a video of the process of putting the new cartridge back in.

When I turn it on, it wasn’t getting hot.

So I read the manual, and it just said to adjust by turning counter clockwise.

I literally turned it around a good 30 times before I felt like it was at a good spot.

This process is a bit weird if you do it the first time. It literally turns off every revolution. And if you turn it repeats all over again.

So you don’t really have any reference.

Here’s a video to show what I mean.

After this I just put everything back in reverse order.

and cleaned up this nasty stuff that fell out of the stucco wall.

The water pressure is still low but I believe it’s a separate problem with the shower head mesh clogged up.

Glad I got this figured out. The turn handle turns way easier and doesn’t make a squeaking rubber noise now.

Hopefully this fixed the problem.



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