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Nintendo Switch Battery Grip Case Modification

As you guys might know already, my son Camden plays on his Nintendo Switch a lot! And I mean he drains the batteries at least twice in 1 day.

We got this really cool battery pack by this Kickstarter type company in UK called “Switch Charge” which has the biggest lithium battery capacity of 10,000mAh.

The tricky part is we got Camden this really functional snap on handle grip for him to securely hang onto the Switch.

We can either have the grip or the battery backpack. The Grip even comes with this really cool ballistic case.

So I want an All-in-1 solution that has both the grip and can mount the backpack and it can fit in this Switch case.

My idea was to hack on the Grip Mount. After all, I have 2x of these. Worst comes to worst, it’s $14.

Got out my dremel and made a mess. This is my first DIY in my man cave by the way.

It was so therapeutic tinkering away late at night.

Unfortunately the clear grip case/holders I got also got a little bump for grip support. I had to hack it up to have it sit flush with the bigger grip.

Used the roller one to smooth out the burrs

Time to super glue

Next, mod the case. This is what the case looked like before. I did the measurement and X-Acto knifed the excess pockets to make room for the battery pack.

It was relatively easy to cut out.

Here’s the final product.

The switch can be docked with the handles mounted. Super cool!

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