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Checking out some 2019 Mercedes Sprinters

My buddy at work and I decided to take an early lunch to check out some Mercedes Sprinter.

The “ideal” one I want will most likely look like this.

Color: Black (But with Black wheels)

Configuration: 144″ with a High Roof

The one I want most likely will be the upgraded 10″ with the built in Navigation/multimedia instead of the 8″ screen one.

I know it’s a functional vehicle, but man, check out these fitment issues.

Regardless, I bet this is still a lot better than the Ford Transit? Who knows.

After doing more Homework, I think I’m back on Team Sprinter. I’m convinced it’s the one I want to get over the Ford Transit.

Here’s the invoice price of the Passenger Van.

I’ve been on the website building my ideal van out and it’s coming out to more like $75K+ before tax.

Not exactly sure how I can pull this off but I really really want one!

The one I want at the moment is most likely get the Cargo Van and then upfit everything myself down to the windows and seats.

It’ll look something like this…

Probably in Black with rear windows and wipers. And I definitely will get all the bells and whistles and not do bare nothing like this:


Camper Van

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