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Fun weekend @ Henry Cowell

We decided to goto Henry Cowell today because of this beautiful weather.

Drove the minivan down right after we had our usual weekend breakfast at Cousins Cafe.

Got ourselves some munchies

It’s been a while since we “hiked” – we were sweating ourselves out.

The stroller got really heavy to push at one point where the hill just getting steeper and steeper.

We ended up turning back after an hour and a half. Overall it was such a fun outing.

Chriselle was crying near the end so we had to carry her.

And Camden was enjoying himself with his Nintendo Switch as usual. =)

Saw one of these in the parking lot! Leisure Travels – “Unity” Camper Van built on a Mercedes Sprinter! These are freaking awesome if you haven’t seen the YouTube Video of one.

After we got back, we checked out a home that’s being listed on our street. It was one of the original model homes.

While I am not fond of some of the design choices, I would love to have a high ceiling like this as an entrance to the house.

After we got back home, we rushed to get everything ready for Camden’s school. I called my dad over to see if he would babysit so Kim and I could sneak off to watch Captain Marvel. We got more Ice cream! But man, what an exaggerated movie. I don’t think we cared for Captain Marvel (both the movie and especially Brie Larson).

What a great way to wrap up the night…well, I had to get milk after I dropped Kim back off at the house.

Totally forgot we didn’t even have dinner tonight. We ended up eating cereal for dinner.

Man, I love Coco Puffs…it’s my recent discovery…

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