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April Babies! Got to hang out with my 2 favorite people for their birthdays.

April….our favorite month!


April 1st is our baby Chriselle’s birthday. Jokes aside she was actually born last year which was on Easter. So we like to remember her as an Easter Baby.

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness day for Camden. It is also my college best friend’s Birthday (he was also my college room mate)

April 3rd (Today) is my best friend from work Ansgar’s Birthday. It is also my wife’s Birthday! They’re literally born on the same day and same year!

Today during lunch I took both of my favorite people in the world out to Demiya for lunch. They have one of the best Japanese Curry Katsu in the Bay Area. Soooo delicious.

How can I forget to mention our favorite Wasabi Mayo Salmon Musubi? You literally have to get there when it opens! Or else people (such as myself) will order them all.

We then went to HanKook Korean supermarket to buy junk food back for work.

Then we decided to hit up our usually lunch Boba spot TeaSpoon!

Aww, don’t we still look young? Not really haha. We are just small people.

Here are the 2 Birthday kids!

Wife had to work late tonight so we didn’t get to go out to anywhere too fancy. We had our Korean BBQ at Tofu House, another place we like going to.

Here’s what we ordered:

Then we swung by Paris Baguette to goof around and bought ourselves some late night sweets.

I don’t know about what everyone else does for late night sugar cravings but I am going to eat this pastry right now! Muhahaha

Alright, enough blogging, I’m about to put this little boy to sleep. He’s having such a blast on his Switch.

Somebody needs a haircut!

More to come:

April 4th is my other great friend Mark’s birthday!

April 8th is my old room mate Will’s Birthday.

April 9th is my cousin’s birthday.

April 10th is our friend Keyna’s birthday.

April 16th is our friend Tina’s birthday.

April 30th is my own birthday! How can I forget that? Speaking of which, it is also my good friend Ansgar’s dad’s birthday.

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