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Center Speaker install

I ordered a center speaker off Amazon To complete my 7.1 Dolby Surround setup. It got really high reviews (at least for its value).

I was originally planning on putting a big work bench where this TV is located. But who am I kidding. I have literally no space for one.

After contemplating, I decided to mount these Gladiator shelves here.

I ran into some drilling issues with these metal plates on the studs.

I guess these came in handy.

Note for DIYers: it’s pretty common 4′ from the ground that’s where they run electrical wires thru the studs. For protections, they would normally put a metal plate between the stud and drywall preventing you from drilling into the wire within the stud.

So I had to get creative and used some of those drywall anchors. These really come in handy. (Of course still be careful using these near the electrical wires that’s parallel to where you’re drilling)

For the top shelf I wanted holes for wires pass-thru. So I looked up whether or not if Bi-Metal hole saw can drill thru steel. Sure enough it does!

then I used this fancy deburring tool which smoothed out the holes:

Here’s the final result.

I also got myself a Metric Taps cabinet.

I have to fill it up as it’s pretty empty. I have I think almost all the Metric taps. They get really expensive too. I recently started my “Standard” collection as well.

One day, my dream is to have my own workshop!


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