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Ceiling Fan install for Master Bedroom

It’s getting hot in the South Bay! 100 degrees+

We’ve been wanting to install a ceiling fan since I installed recessed can lights.

3 years later, I’ve finally convinced my wife on giving up the search of a nice one and just pick one that’s functional and not hideous.

We’ve always enjoyed our ceiling fan in our master bedroom at our previous house (which didn’t have AC).

On to the install:

I was so hesitant to do any dirty work (esp from the ceiling) as it’s super messy! I tried taping plastic bags around the ceiling hole, unfortunately it did not stay. And I gave up on finding any thumb nail/push pins to hold the bag in place.

So I just found a giant plastic panel from my old 3D printer enclosure and laid it with some cut up garbage bags.

Oh I forgot to mention why this is a way more difficult task than just hanging up the fan to the box. The original electrical box was only meant for a hanging light, it has a smaller diameter for the mounting screws and it’s not rated for a fan.

And I really wished the ceiling fan kits were made in such a way where you can insert it within the circular cutout instead of needing access from above (in the attic).

The attic was over 100 degrees after a whole day of baking in the sun. I was not looking forward to going up there again – thought my attic crawling days were over.

Here’s an idea of where I needed to climb thru:

I had to make sure I packed as much as I could so I don’t have to make a 2nd trip:

Got myself a fan, a sound bar for music, multitool, electric impact screw driver, extra self tapping screws, 2 portable flashlights.

Locating the original ceiling light electrical box was a pain. I used the location of my recessed lights to help me guess.

Sure enough it was in one of the more difficult locations. Between many air ducts, diagonal cross beams and right underneath this exposed fiberglass insulation.

I uncovered the insulation:

The bar sandwiched between 2 cross beams and held in with self tapping screws.

After removing the screws, I cut a notch to pull out the wires (with wing nuts) so I get them out of the way and not damage them. (I realized that this step was not necessary afterwards.)

Check out my ghetto fan placement – this saved my life

Here’s the new ceiling fan electrical box hanging kit. The bars are much beefier. And of course I didn’t bring enough tools to pop out the electrical hole to feed wires thru, so I used anything sharp and whacked it open.

That was so difficult. Before that I tried using my multitool to cut out the tab that’s holding it together – no luck! But I was too stubborn to give up now, I wasn’t firm on not going back downstairs.

Second problem I found was the box was screwed down with hex heads – and I needed to slide the electrical box down just a bit. So I was like F-it, I’m pressing this bar against a wood stud and used my foot to kick/slide it down to approximately the right location.

Fished the electrical wires thru, and mounted the box in.

Back downstairs I go:

This was the mess I made from above.

Onto assembling the fan.

This took another 45 mins. I had to take out an electrical light dimmer switch to a toggle switch because dimmer switches cannot handle fan’s power requirement.

In a later time, I’ll buy another smart home fan switch.

Yay! Fans working!


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